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Know Where Your Standpipes Are


Standpipes are not always located in the stairwell. Familiarize yourself with their placement and train with your crew on hooking up using your department guidelines. Photo courtesy Dave McGrail

Not surprisingly, different buildings have different locations for standpipe outlets and connections. High-rise building codes typically require a standpipe outlet to be located 150 feet from the building; if the building is sprinklered, the distance may be extended to 200 feet. Of course, plenty of older buildings have different setups due to older building codes. Standpipe connections are often found on intermediate landings in the stairwell towers. This allows for easier hoseline advancement. But standpipe connections can also be found in hallways or other unprotected areas throughout the building to achieve the 150/200-foot distance requirement. In this case it’s imperative that you know where the connections are and how to choose the right one for the particular fire.

Knowing where the standpipes are in the buildings in your response area is critical to effective fire attack. If you don’t already know this information, get on the engine during the next shift and start finding out!