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FDIC 2017: Field High-Rise Technical Training


Rotate between stations at an actual high-rise



Field High-Rise Technical Training

Room: 107-108

Monday, April 24, 2017: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Chief officers, company officers, firefighters can all glean invaluable knowledge of the issues related to fighting fire in these highly unique structures. They are low-frequency, high-impact events, and it behooves the fire service to train consistently for fires that can immediately affect thousands of lives within minutes.

This “walk about” of sorts allows students to gain a very thorough understanding of building features and systems, in addition to many tips that can offer crews a strategic edge in those first few minutes, when most of the critical decisions are made.

Attendees rotate between stations at an actual high-rise, extract key nuggets of knowledge from a veteran major city chief and a Virginia-based instructor who has been training big city departments for more than 20 years, hitting on fire department connection pump operations, lobby control, stairwell/fire attack operations (including use of large-diameter hoselines), elevator operations, “air balancing,” as well as base building systems that must be resourced during a working fire.  Attend, and rewrite your current standard operating procedures/guidelines.

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