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Study Examines Crew Sizes at High-Ris...

When responding to fires in high- rise buildings, firefighting crews of five or six members instead of three or four...

Study Examines Crew Sizes at High-Rise Fire
posted on: Apr 16, 2015

Elevator Use in High Rise Firefightin...

While your departments SOP’s may differ, here is a look into when, and how, to use the firefighters mode on...

Elevator Use in High Rise Firefighting Operations
posted on: Mar 15, 2015

What Floor, Please?

Hello brothers and sisters! In my previous articles, I’ve provided you with a significant amount of information and...

What Floor, Please?
posted on: Jan 30, 2013

“We Need Help Up Here!”

One of the biggest challenges for the incident commander (IC) at a high-rise incident is dealing with the abundant...

“We Need Help Up Here!”
posted on: Sep 25, 2012

High-Rise Tools of the Trade

Just as we must be prepared for the “usual” or “routine” residential fire, we must also be prepared for fires...

High-Rise Tools of the Trade
posted on: Aug 21, 2012

Get Them Out Safely

Due to the size and complexity of high-rise buildings, evacuation is time and personnel intensive. High-rises, both...

Get Them Out Safely
posted on: Jun 29, 2012

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